Special Halloween Cupcats

11 Special Halloween Cupcats are coming your way. We are giving away 8 Special Halloween Cupcats, and auctioning 3 more.

Special Halloween Cupcats are ready to carve your pumpkins.

Halloween is almost at the door, we know we are late to announce it but it’s a great time to start our Cupcats: Special Editions collection!

We will use this collection to make special drops on special days. For now, we are thinking of making drops on New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the Discord.

These special Cupcats will be tradable at OpenSea, and will be on the Ethereum network. Royalties for this collection will stay the same as the original collection, 5%, while 75% of the auctioned Cupcats will be used for donations.

What’s in it for Halloween?

cupkitten is making 11 Special Halloween Cupcats, and we are giving away 8 of them with different events, while 3 of them will be auctioned.

Decided to 11 different themes, here are which Cupcats are awaiting you:

  • Mummy Cupcat
  • Book Spirit Cupcat
  • Fungus Cupcat
  • Candle Cupcat
Sir, I think you should go see a therapist if you think your cat shaped candle is watching you.
  • Pumpkin Bear Cupcat
  • Scarecrow Cupcat
  • Cookie Bowl Cupcat
  • Rest in Cups
  • Cupbat
  • Killer Clown Cupcat
  • Headless Cupcat

How to win these special Cupcats?

Here are the ways of earning for 8 give away special Cupcats.

Top holder raffle (1 Cupcat)

One of the Special Halloween Cupcats will be given away free via a top holder raffle. Cupcat holders with more than 1% of the original supply (50 or more Cupcats) will have a chance to earn a Halloween Cupcat.

At the time of this Medium post, there are only 5 people who own more than 50 Cupcats.

Halloween story (1 Cupcat)

We will ask people to share a Cupcat Halloween story on Twitter, including the hashtag #CatsInTheCups. cupkitten will select the winner by reading all stories one by one.

Image contest (2 Cupcats)

We will share one of the Special Halloween Cupcat’s without a background, and will ask you to create a theme, meme or just any creative thought that came to your mind with that Cupcat.

Verified Cupcat owners in our Discord will vote for the winners.

Do you believe in spirits?

Discord giveaway (2 Cupcats)

There is a giveaway bot in our Discord, we will hold 2 raffles with that bot. One, only for verified Cupcat holders, and the other for whole Discord.

Giveaway bot will decide who will win after 30 hours of entry period.

Cupcat challenge (2 Cupcats)

We wil have a 2 stage trivia challenge on Saturday in our Discord.

Stage 1: We will ask 10 different questions about Cupcats. On each question, the person who gives the first correct answer will qualify for Stage 2. There will be total of 10 Stage 2 participants.

Stage 2: There will be a 10 question trivia contest, a maximum of 100 points up for grabs. On each question, the fastest correct answer will get 10 points while slowest will get 1 point. Everyone will have 1 chance to answer, 2nd answers won’t be counted. Top two with highest points will win a Special Halloween Cupcat.

Auctions (3 Cupcats)

Three of the Special Halloween Cupcats will be auctioned on OpenSea, starting from 0.5 ETH each.

75% of the income from these Cupcats will be spent for donations, while 25% will be added to our funds for future development expenses. If there are no offers, these Cupcats will be raffled and given to the community for free.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to join our Discord and share your ideas. Have a spooky Halloween!

Cupcats are a collection of 5,024 sweet cats in cups. This Medium is for the Cupcats updates. You can find us on Twitter: @CupcatNFT